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Welcome to Miniatuurtrucks.nl. This shop offers a wide range of models in many different scales. Our products are supplied at competitive prices direct from our own stock, or very quickly with a small delivery time. Orders are daily processed and shipped, all our shipments can be followed through online track and trace. You are also welcome in our physical store in Bergeijk, where we always have over 8.000 models in stock, presented on 2 floors and over 300 m2 (Elskensakker 42, 5571 SK, Bergeijk). Our physical shop is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. We hope you enjoy shopping at our site.
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Deal of the day
  DAF CF85 + Bulk Tank Trailer 'HCM Cement' €155,00  
From €165,00 for €155,00 per piece.
Art. Nr.: 68632
EAN code: 68632
Colour: Blue / White
Producer: Tekno
Scale: 1:50
In Stock
  Büssing D2U mit Hecktüren 'Stottrop' €84,95  
From €99,95 for €84,95 per piece.
Art. Nr.: 439 071084
EAN code: 4012138062344
Colour: White / Black
Producer: Minichamps
Scale: 1:43
Delivery Time:  5 - 10 working days
  Henschel HS 140 Chassis 1954 €59,95  
From €67,95 for €59,95 per piece.
Art. Nr.: 439 171050
EAN code: 4012138090217
Colour: Green / Red
Producer: Minichamps
Scale: 1:43
In Stock
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